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I wanted to write down my observations of Ely (Eddy Vom Millerhaus) in the hope that it would give prospective breeders an independent evaluation of his traits. I believe that this is very important coming from someone who purchases Drahthaar puppies for hunting on a regular basis.
I would like to tell you a little bit about myself so that you can evaluate how much weight to give these comments. I have had the pleasure of owning and training five wonderful Drahthaars over the last 18 years. I have also owned and trained one lab and three English Pointers. I hunt my dogs virtually every weekend from September through the end of February. My dogs hunt doves, docks, geese, sandhill cranes, pheasants, and quail every year with an emphasis on doves and quail. My dogs also track wounded deer and occasionally hunt Hungarian partridge, sharptail grouse, woodcocks, and ruffled grouse. I live in Texas, but my dogs hunt everywhere from Northern Saskatchewan to South Texas.
I quail hunted with Ely for three days in South Texas just after the new year in 2015. The first thing that stood out to me was Ely’s temperament. He is a very sweet and compassionate dog. He has no anxiety or temperament issues around strange people or strange dogs. He will readily come over and happily get petted by strangers. I am sure that he would love to cuddle up on the couch and watch TV. There was absolutely no sign of any effort to establish any type of dominance over my dogs and my dogs responded well to him, which is unusual for one of my Drahthaars who is an alpha female. He is extremely well mannered and I witnessed him readily come when called, sit, heel, lie down, and stay while we were hunting and when it was clear he would rather be out running around and finding birds. He did all of these things on the first command and without any complaint. He was well-behaved in my house and in the hotel room. I’ve not witnesed this type of behavior from very many Drahthaar males and would encourage breeders to add these traits to their lines.
Ely had never hunted wild quail before. He picked up on what to do all on his own in one afternoon. That tells me that he is very smart and has a lot of bird sense. The next day he was finding birds, pointing and holding them, backing the other dogs that pointed and retrieving dead birds. He even learned how to track down singles when the wind was wrong, point and hold them. He had phenomenal range and stamina. He worked closer when the cover demanded it, but could range out to 200 yards while remaining under control and not running off. We hunted about eight hours each day. We averaged about 20 coveys of wild birds per day. Ely never slowed down the entire time even though we only had three dogs and rarely rested any of them.
I was impressed with Ely’s coat. It is nice and firm on the outside, but not too long so that you would worry about overheating. Ely has a lot of lighter markings on him which is particularly handy because it makes him easier to see in the field. Ely is also a good size. He is built like a strong safety – big enough to be athletic and have lots of power and stamina without being too big to have around the house.
I did not see anything negative at all. I would strongly encourage any breeder out there to put some of Ely’s blood in their line. I would certainly like to have a puppy out of him. My name John Thomas and my cell phone number is 512–413–9879. I want to give my contact information so that you can call me and know that Ely is the real deal. I had never spoken to or met Ely’s owners prior to this hunt. I am truly a disinterested party looking to improve the traits of an already awesome breed.
        John Thomas


I agree. Ely is a great dog. Good breeding by vom Millerhaus and well trained by Johnathan Pearson.
William Lyle Carver 


William.... Posting on behalf of myself and husband Cyril...

It is hard to believe that the little 9 week old ankle biter scared to cross a six inch deep puddle with a first time handler as an owner (as evidenced by the harness in the picture!) turned into a water monster with a 12 in search behind the duck and straight 10’s on manner of retrieve at the Lysander HZP last weekend. Izzie vom Millerhaus turned in a 177 on test day and we could not be happier. There was a lot of time and hard work put in leading up to the weekend; it was a great test and event. Thanks to the judges, test coordinator and helpers. Also thanks to all the training day directors in the Atlantic Chapter (PA, NJ and NY training days) for putting in the time to help us and other new handlers and our dogs prepare for the tests. Last but not least, we want to thank William Miller for a great dog and being able to help anytime with training and questions. Good luck to all the other handlers this fall. We are looking forward to a great hunting season!

Kimberly Ann Zubris


First off let me say a big congratulations to you and your dogs for last years testing results. I read a little note in the VDD newsletter about Natan's tracking in the HZP and noticed that you and/or your dogs all did awesome in the tests last year. I was impressed!

My J litter pup is doing well(Lilli vom Willow Rock and Eddy vom Millerhaus
). She got a ton of hunting under her belt last year from quail, PGC pheasants, North Dakota pheasants, ducks, and rabbits this winter. I have a lot to work on her with, but her nose ability and tracking drive is pretty impressive to me, a DD newbie. In North Dakota, her scenting, at 7 months old, was way ahead of 3 other seasoned dogs. She didn't always point solidly, but she routinely tracked pheasants in CRP for hundreds of yards, not to mention she found a lot of wounded or downed birds that the other dogs gave up on. Towards the end of the week she got some good points in, and had a nice run on a snowshoe hare. What I like about her most, and this may be a normal thing, but all through her first year, when I'm hunting I can go for hours and not have to say a word to her for obedience or searching a field. She's always covered a field very thoroughly.

I'm planning on running the VJP in Newville, PA April 6-7. I'd like to be as prepared as possible so I was wondering if you are doing any training in the next month or so that I could join? I'd like for you to see her and give me any tips or things to be working on. I'd just like to have another set of eyes from an experienced handler. If we could train together a few times, I could also get set on things to work on during the Spring and Summer.

Just wanted to give you an update and again congratulate on you and your dog's performance last year.

Timothy Babcock

Just thought I'd send a pic of the pups first retrieve.  I didn't know how it would pan out, since she never even saw a goose before.  She swam across the river for it and brought it right back to me.  Pretty impressive, especially considering she was 2 days shy of 6 months old. 

William,  We spoke some time back about Rhine (Atze); I took your advice and purchased that dog from a pointer trainer in R.I. I am so glad that I did! He is a wonderful loving companion and an absolutely stellar hunting dog. I have had him now for about one month. I have 2 other dogs, a male Flat coat retriever and a small female mixed lapdog.  He adjusted to my family situation very nicely. I am very impressed with his disposition and manners around the other dogs.  In the field, we have set up several challenges for him and he has accomplished every task with very little margin of error. During this first month he has shown me that his natural abilities are beyond my wildest expectations. He has had some serious training in pointing and obedience, other than that I figured we were working with a blank page. So I set up a blood track coarse for him, you know over the river and through the woods to find a deer head and cape, he was on the scent trail before I even let him out of the truck. I was amazed that when he found the deer he was very calm and collected about it, it was like he knew that he had done good. Another day we went on a duck hunt, I couldn’t keep him out of the water! He retrieved all the ducks and the decoys!!! We will be working on the decoys a bit but the neatest thing was his drive to find the downed birds in the water! Upland, he is a master of search to point to retrieve! We were dove hunting just yesterday and I was shooting birds over a standing cornfield. So the birds were very difficult to find, he never blanked at all and in fact he was continuing to search after I had put my gun away. He is tough as nails! The corn stalks were very hard and abrasive on his face and by the end of the day he was badly scratched and a lot of hair was rubbed away from around his eyes, HE DIDN’T CARE AT ALL! HE ONLY WANTED TO FIND MORE BIRDS! It was phenomenal! Thank you for breeding such a wonder of a hunting dog! Next I will be exposing him to pheasants and quail. I am sure he’ll do great! I just wanted to let you know that my dogs in the field, working his ass off, LOVING EVERY MINUTE OF IT!

Hi William,  Just wanted to drop you a note about Artus, aka “Roscoe”. Pup is doing fine, has adjusted well and getting along with my older dog Buddy. Has very strong pointing & retrieving instincts (see pic). Will advise as training gets under way, right now just having fun, eating & sleeping a lot..... Jerry (Dad) Falotico

A recent goose hunt with 'Bee'.  Pictured from left to right.... Justin Snyder, William Miller, Shawn Snyder and Jonathan Miller

William, Short note to update you on Roscoe. He’s 52 lbs., doing well on table work, just started forced retrieve training, We swim in the pond daily. Got into a grouse the other day, bird busted about twenty yards away. Great companion, follows me from room to room, then sits at my feet. Only chewed up one slipper so far!  See photo...... Jerry (Dad) Falotico

Here is a photo of a buck that my DD ( Blair from the B litter ) tracked and found in MD. at 6 month old.... Greg

Hi William,  Roscoe is rapidly progressing with his training, we have been doing bird work for the past month, and I have introduced .22 gunfire this past week. He is very birdy and has an excellent nose. Some of his points are 15 to 20 ft. from the birds. Attached is a pic of him pointing, with the quail in the pic. We have worked some grouse on the property and he has pointed two so far.  He is 72 lbs. now and I think he will probably top off at 75 lbs. Hope all is well with you, will talk soon...... Jerry (Dad) Falotico

William..... Hasso is doing great. He is working well on quail and has been pointing steady to 25 ft. He swims well and loves the water.  Rich Falotico


William.....     Thank you. He has been a joy to work with. Very smart and eager to please. My boys love as much as i do. R. Falotico

I just wanted to let you know how well the puppies from the "B" Litter are doing.  I have been fortunate to have three buyers from this litter live within an hour's drive of me.  These fellows have been coming to my Club, to train with me throughout the year. One other gentleman drove up from Maryland to train with me this summer as well.  I have been continually impressed with the natural ability and drive of these puppies.  They are showing strength in all aspects of "Versatility".  The puppies are searching, finding and pointing birds, tracking blood trails (two have completed actual tracks) and they are tremendous in the water.   All of the puppies have nice coats, pretty eyes and good bites - they look fantastic.  The owner's are extremely pleased and I am just as enthusiastic about their turnout.  It looks like these guys are hooked on training and hunting with dogs!  I am certain that at least three of these four puppies will be tested in 2009, through the VJP and the HZP.  I have also heard some interest from them about joining NAVHDA as well.  

As for now, I have just been getting reports via email and phone calls that the puppies are doing great!   Their first hunting season is proving to be a promising future for some great Gun Dogs.  This summer they were training, and now they are:  Finding birds, retrieving on land and out of water, and finding arrowed deer.  I am absolutely thrilled with their continued progress and train ability.   

Keep up the good work William, and thank you for giving my Stud Dog Duke an opportunity to produce a great litter of Verin Deutsch Drahthaar.

Donny Zarra

Here is a picture of the first whole limit of birds I've killed over Axel.  I am at 16 roosters and counting now over Axel.  He has also retrieved 5 doves, 3 coots, 3 wood ducks, and a very pissed off live skunk out of a milo field.  He is even better than you said and I am very happy with him.  The only problem I've had with him is he is kind of hard mouthed.  I usually let him carry the birds for quite a ways after he retrieves and this seems to be helping the problem.  I have 35mm camera full of pics I need to develop and when I do I'll send you more pics.  Please feel free to use me as a reference if you want. 
Thank You Very Much
Cody L. Ervin


Wanted to share with you a couple of pictures of the puppy we bought from you in March.  I think her litter name was Abby.  We have since named her Gretel (it was Chloe for a short time, but Gretel fits her better). She is a tremendous swimmer and has a great nose.  The pics show her pointing quail.  My Dad is helping me train her.  I will be running her in a NAVHDA Natural Ability Trial in the Spring.  In addition to being a great field dog/hunter, she is an even better house companion for my children.  I am still amazed at how smart she is.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Tom Falotico

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